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Legal Requirements


In order to marry legally in Kefalonia the bride and groom must provide the following documents:

Valid 10 year passports (Greek nationals may use their Greek ID card)
Full Birth certificates which include both parents names

document of lawful impediment stating Kefalonia as place of marriage


Above Documents apply to Kefalonia Orthodox marriages with the addition of Christian Baptism Certificate.


Specific personal circumstances such as having been divorced / widowed or being adopted require extra documents to be provided; we will explain this to you depending on your situation.


All non Greek nationals must have their documents translated into Greek, for clients from English speaking nations we can provide assistance with this process. All documents must then be sent to your commonwealth office in order to receive an Apostile. The final stage is to send all documents to the Greek Embassy consulate department for verification.


This process can be made easier by using a recognised legal translator who will handle every stage for you, ask us about a translator in your area.


Please note tha officially you must be resident on Cephalonia for 7 days before you can be married, (under specific circumstances or in certain parts of the island this can be waivered..ask us) You will be met by a Cephalonia Concierge representative at your point of arrival. If necessary you may need to sign your weddings documents on your first day of arrival, however our fast track service means that we would have already organised this for you.


Our initial administrative solution includes:

Handling and administrative fees
Town hall registrar fees
Mayors fees
Wedding banns
Wedding license application
Assistance with all documents
Translator (and witnesses if required)
Transport for wedding couple during administration process and ceremony

Set up of Ceremony location and all decor excluding floral

Celebrant fees
Your personal wedding co ordinator on hand throughout administration and ceremony                   
Wedding certifificate to be collected by us and delivered to you before departure


Total cost Inc taxes

890 euros


This is the only cost that is standard to all of our guests as we understand that each guest is an individual and therefore the main event solution will be tailor made for you. Please note that we do not provide an administration only solution,  the above is only relevant for couples whom we are providing the Ceremony and Reception for.


All civil weddings in Greece must have a political declaration on the morning of the wedding (can be arranged for the day before if couples want to keep the tradition of not seeing each other on the wedding day) Your Wedding ceremony with vows and ring exchange can take place in any stunning location of your choice, beach, chapel, cultural site, at sea,castro, private Villas, the list is endless.


Rest assured that with months of communication prior to your arrival on the island all of your documents will be in place so you have no stresses when you arrive here in Kefalonia,  you are free to relax until the big day, maybe you would like us to schedule some of our Group activities for you to indulge in. Please bear in mind that we are on 24 hour call to you whilst on the island as we do not want you to worry about the slightest detail.


NB: Some of our venues have their own packages and private chapels, Cephalonia Concierge can utilise these packages where appropriate with no additional charges ro our clients.











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