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Most of our Group activities are externally based which allows one to take full advantage of the sheer beauty and culture of this stunning island so be it on land or sea we invite you to indulge your senses and challenge your boundaries. Our flash images above provide an incite of what to expect from the local environment. Images of Outdoor Pursuits are copyright of


All Group Activities are sourced through only the best and most reputable suppliers on Cephalonia. Our guides, skippers , tutors and therapists are all professionals and highly experienced. Our selection of activities allows something for everyone. Each activity can be customised to suit different objectives and tastes. We provide all catering and refreshments throughout each event along with transport to and from starting and finishing points if necessary. So whether you are considering an active team jaunt , a high brow corporate hospitality stay or entertainment for your wedding guests, please browse our selection below, let us know which activities you are interested in and we will tailor make your solution or for further information on any activity please Contact us.


Sea Solutions


Yacht Charter

Enjoy the crystal blue Ionian with your own private yacht charter. Each Yacht takes up to 6 people and the nature and objective of the days are tailor made by us for you. Our charters are based in ports both north and south of Cephalonia. Highly experienced Crew will ensure that you have a sailing day beyond expectations. Charters can provide intense sailing tuition or a more relaxed cruise . Champagne cruises are especially popular with Wedding couples and those who wish to indulge themselves or their clients. In a day you can visit the stunning neighboring islands of Ithaca, Lefkas, and Meganissi. We can even organise a 2 day cruise overnight on the Historically rich island of Ithaca.


Rib and Speed Boats

Fast, Furious and exciting. Rib/speed boating can take the form of safari ,where your skipper will guide you to the most interesting and scenically stunning coves in and around the Ionian. Great incorporated into team games or to excite your clients


Sea Kayaking

The Ionian sea is a paradise for sea Kayaking as it is the calmest in greece. Enjoy wonderful  coastal paddling, sea cave exploration and much more. courses followed by day trips are a must for any groups to enjoy.


Traditional Caique

A group of up to 17 can charter this traditional vessel with the on hand expertise of your Skipper who is also an acclaimed Marine Biologist. This is a perfect day for those who wish to snorkel in magical waters,learn about marine life and generally enjoy the ultimate relaxation as the boat cruises around the northern side of Cepahlonia. Our Caique Kyriaki can also adapt to become a stylish champagne cruise (ideal for couples and their immediate wedding party) or even provide specific team games for corporate clients.


Motor boats


We can provide standard motorboats for all groups, each boat takes 5 adults comfortably, and are ideal for an independant jaunt around the beautiful coves, we can provide your group with a luxury picnic for lunch. Motor boats are used in the water section of our treasure hunt.


Scuba Diving and water sports


Easily organised for you, All our Scuba dive centres both north and south of the island are fully licensed professionals who can take your group on specific private sessions including night dives and caters for all levels. With an island dominated by amazing clear waters with a calm east coast amd a more dramatic west coast it goes without saying that you can indulge any water sport that you like. From fun and frolics with inflatable bananas to Jet skling and wind surfing we can host your perfect day of water enjoyment.


Fishing trips


Our close friend and fishing expert will guide you on the ultimate in uncommercial jaunt. With an island rich in superb fish you will enjoy a day out at sea learning the traditional Greek fishing techniques. A great one for the boys to enjoy while the ladies luxuriate in our spa packages


Land Solutions


Outdoor Pursuits


For those of you who want a hands on feel to hidden Cephalonia let us recommend the following activities. Hiking, trekking,caving,climbing,free climbing,diving,night hikes and abseiling.

These activities are for clients of a moderate to high fitness level and are perfect for Team building solutions. Please note that all guides and instructors are extremely experienced and you will be using the latest safety equipment.


Treasure Hunt (can incorporate sea)


What better way to combine seeing and learning about this Majestic Island and exercising your competitive elements. Guests will be given detailed instructions and clues to find places of interest throughout the island. Depending on participants you will utilise Jeeps ,motor boats and in some cases yachts in order to find our hidden treasure. This jaunt takes you from south to north or vice versa depending on your base. During the day you will enjoy all the natural elements and main attractions of Cephalonia. The nature of this activity does not mean the fastest wins but the cleverest. Event manager will be on hand and call throughout the day. A fantastic way for any group of people to add a touch of excitement to a tour of the island, One versions also includes a visit to Ithaca. We also offer a non competitive version for families with children to enjoy. Refreshment stops are incorporated into your day.



Jeep safari


Set in the mountain range of Ainos, Your guide will lead you through the most beautiful and uncommercial routes of Cephalonia. You will stop to discuss sights en route and will enjoy the thrill of off roading with a mid way stop to enjoy your luxury picnic in the shade of mount ainos pines. You may even get to see the famous almost extinct the wild horses of ainos.



Horse riding


The stunning region of Sami is home to a unique riding center. Using the sturdy heflinger horses you can enjoy breathtaking hacks along local beaches . Dawn and sunset rides are a must. Rides can be 1hour to 7hours and can be incorporated very well into any event course. Riders can be complete beginners or very experienced. Instructors are highly professional and patient. What better way to enjoy the east coast than on horseback.


Photography courses

We co operate with a local Photographer who will tailor make a photography program specifically for you based on group numbers, vicinity and experience.The nature of this course capitilises on the fantastic lighting opportunity’s at dawn and dusk and of course the famous sun set. Courses are a minimum of 2 days, a combination of seminars, and fieldtrips rounded off with a feedback session over a sumptuous meal.
Can be used in a competitive format for our corporate clients.




A local artist will take you to some of the most stunning off the beaten track locations in order to learn basic painting techniques.The objective of the course is for your own work to be the most unique souvenir for you. Our local artist respects the environment and utilizes natural sources as your canvas. Pre earthquake roof tiles and wonderfully smooth stones provide great material. Predominantly field based you will be provided with all equipment and of course the all important picnic.


Wine appreciation


This activity will start early evening with a visit to the most elite boutique winery on the island and possibly in Greece. Here the family will discuss the local grapes,the techniques employed in creating different wines and of course you will sample the whole range including their version of the famous Cephalonian Robolla. You will also be able to buy at very competitive rates. Following this event you will be taken to the fabulous Katavothres restaurant where our sommelier will discuss a wider range of wines from throughout Greece. You will again taste many wines before being assisted in choosing the perfect wines to accompany your exclusive dinner. All wine tasting, dinner and transport is included.


Greek cookery appreciation


Many chefs throughout the island co operate with our cookery event,You will received an insight into the senses of Greek and Cephalonian Cuisine. Our chef will guide you through cooking a selection of the best dishes.You will be extremely hands on in preparing many meze plates. Some clients want to learn to cook something specific, again we will discuss with our chefs and tailor make your whole cookery experience. The location of this event can be at one of our many restaurant venues or indeed our Chef can come to your villa and will enable you to create the most authentic greek dining experience. After the learning and creating process you will relax and dine on your efforts accompanied by the most appropriate wines.


Guided walks


We work with the most experienced local guides who will introduce you to the hidden qualities of Cephalonia. Walks can be as long as you deem appropriate, from minimum 2 hours to full days out. You will discover the most beautiful coastal walks leading to amazing crystal clear coves, cultural walks will allow you to find out about the vast history of this very special Island. And in our own style there will be plenty of refreshing breaks at authentic local tavernas.


Spa treatments

We can arrange Spa treatments wherever you are staying ,from the plush Elemis spa at the Emelisse hotel with its wide range luxurious facials,exotic body wraps and the ultimate in massages including the all important couples massage for our wedding couples. We can also organise Spa treatments to come to your accommodations, including special holistic treatments. We can even arrange for you to have a relaxing massage on a private beach where you can lay back and listen to the waves at your feet.

All beauty treatments inc manicure,pedicure, waxing and makeup are easily organised by us for you as is hairdressing and all can be accomodated at your hotel or villa.


Gyms and sports


For guests both north and south of the island we can provide Gym sessions, use of personal trainer, sauna and steam rooms. Our clients may wish to start the day with a game of tennis, or for our corporate sector we can arrange tournaments. Courts are at the Emelisse hotel and in Argostoli and tennis coaches are available if required.

Beach sports such as volley ball are easily incorporated into most packages (limited to south due to lack of sand in north)



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